Doctor's Team

Konstantinos Aggelis / Anesthesiologist

Lecturer in NIMTS Hospital & IACO GENERAL Hospital.
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Nela Papagiannaki / Physical Therapist details at



Eleni Hotzidou / Physical Therapist
Specialized in Children Rehabilitation.
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Alexia Katsarou
Dietician - Nutritionist PhD
Fell. in Scientific Centre of Contemporary Nutrition & Nutritional Support

Fell at 3rd Surgical Clinic and Center Obesity & Bariatric Surgery Hospital. HYGEIA

- Treatment of pathological obesity
- Nutritional support of osteopenia - osteoporosis
- Nutritional support of cancer
- Nutritional support of elderly individuals
- Improving body composition and nutritional support for athletes
- Nutritional support during pregnancy

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  • Konstantinos Aggelis / Anesthesiologist
  • Nela Papagiannaki / Physical Therapist
  • Eleni Hotzidou / Physical Therapist