Minimally Invasive Technique in Ηallux Valgus Surgery. A new Method

By this method:
The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and is painless, performed under local anesthesia , no ischemic bandage is used, no postoperative scarring and postoperative period is short and painless also.

The patient returns home immediately. Technically, a small tool is used, at the size of a pencil, the burr, which works in a "closed" fashion. The doctor uses a C-ARM radio grapher to be precise in the degree of correction.

Foot under C-ARM in order to have accurate cuts

Micro-tiny tools for shaving and cutting the bone.

Micro-tiny tools for shaving and cutting the bone.

Using a small tiny burr remove the bunion.

Scar tissue and tendon release to the other side, for a better correction.

The osteotomy of the 1rst metatarsal is done under fluoroscopic control.

Deformation correction manually.

Correction and re-alignment.
Tapping. Custom made shoe.

We should emphasize that the method is simple, spectacular, with very good results but has limited evidence, depending on the severity of each case. Finally, we must say that the surgeon decides upon the right technique in any case, not just proceeding to the technique that looks a promising one. This is also a key rule in surgical practice.